the banana list

so what are alternative varieties of bananas?

where can I find them?

the varieties

there are over 1000 varieties of banana, many of which are edible.

but how many have you tried?



Gros Michel

Lady fingers

Dwarf red

Raja Puri

Praying hands


Blue java


East African Highland 


Pisang awak

the banana list

It's our mission to make alternative banana varieties famous. the banana list is our directory of where you can find and taste these alternatives. the list is in beta, and we need your help to make it grow 


help us find alternative varieties in the shops

to buy these exciting other bananas, you need to know where you can find them. so it's our dream to build a living database of shops and markets where you can buy other varieties of banana. 

send us a selfie if you find an unusual banana!

what is it? where did you find it?
we'd love to share it.
get in touch on Instagram or Twitter using @thebananafilm #bananalist

bananageddon the film

we want to

change the system

change the story

help us to crowdfund this documentary on Kickstarter

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