why bananas

in the UK, we really love bananas. we eat over 5 billion of the Cavendish variety each year.

we demand perfection when it comes to bananas.

we like our bananas to look and taste perfect. we also expect them to be low-cost. but these high expectations drive some serious social and environmental problems, which aren't factored in to the price we pay for bananas in the supermarket.

so what are these issues?

our perfect bananas are threatened.

but they could be given a second* chance.

* technically we're already using our second chance. the original export banana, the Gros Michel, experienced commercial extinction in the 1960's. the Cavendish was its replacement. our blog explains more.

the threat?
tropical race 4
a fungal KILLER
the answer?undiscovered variety
1. aggressive
3. a cosmetic product

bananageddon the film

we want to

change the system

change the story

help us to crowdfund this documentary on Kickstarter

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