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change the system,

change the story.


we need your support to turn our footage into a documentary.


we have taken over 40 interviews. we've spoken to farmers, researchers and innovators. their stories are now waiting to be told. 


here are four ways you can support us:

we need partners. organisations who will support us in making this film. partners who are invested in a brighter future, not only for bananas, but also for workers and for biodiversity.


We are interested in connecting with any organisation interested in the future of bananas. Contact us

become a film partner

Support us through buying a t-shirt and share our story in style. 

For every t-shirt bought at £19.00, we receive a donation of £2.09. 

check out our t-shirts

pledge your support to our crowdfunder

Donate to our Kickstarter, and if we reach our target, we will receive 90% of your donation. 

we get it. you can't donate. but it's okay, there's still something you can do. we are building an online community, and we want you to join our movement.


help us to share our story far and wide.

share our story

with huge thanks to our current and past supporters:
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