our mission

we believe that the banana cultivation system needs to change. with your help, we want to use this film to show you why. our film is for every citizen or consumer who is curious about how our fruit makes it to our shelves. 

now in post-production, we hope that our film will begin a conversation about the way we grow fruit, what this means for the farmers who feed us, and the ways in which we as consumers can drive changes in the food industry. 

this film project

bananas in crisis

we want to plunge into the science underlying bananas’ oncoming extinction to show you how and why this agricultural system is threatened.

the future

we want to focus on the future of bananas. how can we grow them in alternative, sustainable ways which promote biodiversity and protect our ecosystems?

we also want to give the farmers, industry innovators, and researchers trying to achieve this alternative banana future a platform to share their stories.

where can I find the film?

it doesn't exist yet! we need your help to raise the final funds required to turn our footage into a documentary. with your support we can open the next chapter in banana history.

we offer our huge thanks to our past and current supporters:


our documentary team

our team was forged in February 2017, coming together whilst we studied for Masters degrees at Imperial College London. 

we now work across leading research institutions and international NGOs. this is our passion project.




Mollie gupta

assistant creative director

nick dunn

camera operator and treasurer

oscar Lozada

logistic coordinator

sara middleton

project coordinator

Marina papadopoulou

project researcher



biological survey manager

who has helped so far?

bananageddon the film

we want to

change the system

change the story

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